Now What?! Boston, Directed Study

for: Architexx, Point Line Projects,

at: Boston Society of Architects

Spring 2020

Jessie and Mary Yang, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design, led a directed study course at Boston University, composed of interdisciplinary, graduate and undergraduate students from the School of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts and the Department of History of Art and Architecture, College of Arts and Sciences.

Students had the opportunity to study the exhibition’s content, analyze the Boston Society of Architects’ site, and propose graphic and exhibition design approaches, participatory installations, media design, social media design, and publication design. Students held individual roles in research and writing, 3D design and model-making, graphic design, and media strategy and design. Students gave design presentations to the larger curatorial and client team.

The semester completed remotely on Zoom and the students continued with work, designing communication materials, and mocking up stamps and posters at home.

Scheduled to open Spring 2021 at the Boston Society of Architects.

Student design team: 

Ana Benfield Casasnovas, CFA, Graphic Design, MFA

Natalie Bolton, CFA, Graphic Design, BFA

Molly Burke, CAS, History of Art and Architecture, BFA

Matthew Gorab, CAS, History of Art and Architecture, BFA

Mariana Velasquez Sosa, CFA, Graphic Design, BFA