Living with Hurricanes, Katrina and Beyond opened to much acclaim at the New Orleans based, Presbytere location of the Louisiana State Museum. The 9,000 square foot National Science Foundation exhibit features historical artifacts, immersive media experiences and hands on science based exhibits. The exhibit starts in the historic building’s lobby with an artful installation of Fats Domino’s damaged piano and takes visitors on a trip through New Orleans, building empathy for the unique location, and through the storm itself, its lead up, and aftermath. A science-based gallery unpacks the dense science behind levee engineering, coastal management and disaster preparedness. The final gallery balances emotion and science, returning to an artful installation of stories of hope and rebirth. 

Designed as an employee of Experience Design. 
Project team: John Carney, Larissa Hallgren, Michael Roper, Cynthia Nolan, Natalie Zenecchia. Collaborators: Jeff Hayward, Janet Kamian, Salvatore Racciti, Fred Brink